A Drunk Guy Pees on a Beach, In Front of Families

Shocked surprised man looking at laptop


I have drank my fair share of booze, pissed along the road or behind something, but those are rare instances.

There are exceptions to the rule “when you gotta go, you gotta go.”  This guy on a beach at the English Channel was so drunk that he couldn’t wait to get to the water to relieve himself.  He whipped it out and peed on the sand in front of everybody.

A man drank a bottle of vodka, fell asleep face-down in the sand, got up and stumbled around, before relieving himself in full view of stunned beachgoers, a shocked family said. Admin worker Hollie Hodges was enjoying a day in Weymouth, Dorset, with her husband Craig, 32, and their seven-year-old daughter Lola when they noticed the odd behaviour. Hollie, 34, recorded the footage on September 6 and said: ‘We were really shocked by what we saw. It was a really drunk gentleman on the beach being quite loud and weird. ‘Then he slept on the beach and he had sand all over his face and he was stumbling around looking a bit lost, so I started recording. ADVERTISEMENT

Composite of man at the beach urinating

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/14/drunk-man-filmed-urinating-on-busy-beach-in-front-of-horrified-families-13269448/?ito=cbshare


Of course there is a video….