Man Takes Part In Gun Battle With Imaginary People

detail of a police officer


 I guess a little meth, some guns, and a vivid imagination is how they do it there, According to the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department, a guy shot up his house while high on meth.

Photo of Mark King provided by the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department

Police began their investigation Sunday after receiving a report that a man was yelling and swinging a broom handle on private property. When deputies arrived on the scene they found a man, identified as Mark King of Wolcottville, under the influence of drugs. They determined King had consumed methamphetamine on Friday and Saturday and that’s what triggered the hallucinations.


Mark King


After engaging in a gun battle with the imaginary people inside his home, King went to a neighbor’s house where he went inside a garage and broke a window after throwing a gun at it. He then left the garage and that’s when police found him.

King was taken to a hospital where he was treated and later released to police. He gave written consent to a search of his property where police found the interior of his house had multiple bullet holes that came from inside.

He faces charges of possession of methamphetamine and possession of paraphernalia.

Kids, don’t do drugs.