A Man Is Getting Mocked for His Passionate Tweet About His Wife Not Getting Cheese for Her Fajitas

Close up of waiter’s hand noting down menu on tablet. 


I think servers need a little slack considering the Covid conditions, but 18 min is a bit long to wait for some cheese.

 The pandemic has had a deep impact on different people’s lives in very different ways.

There’s a guy in Allen, Texas who really found out what coronavirus suffering looked like on Saturday night.  Here’s what he tweeted:

Quote, “My wife, date night after three-plus months locked up on quarantine.  Waiting for shredded cheese as it’s the only way she can eat fajitas.  We’ve asked four people, going on 18 minutes now . . . we gotta quit blaming COVID-19 for crappy service.”

He also included a photo of his wife, sitting at the table, looking defeated.

After his tweet started going viral and people started mocking him, he deleted it.






(Here’s a screenshot of the original tweet.)