How Early Is Too Early to Start Drinking on Weekends?

Assorted Beers in a Flight Ready for Tasting


Everyone says, “It’s five o’clock somewhere.”  It’s a justification because a LOT of us think it’s okay to drink EARLIER than that.  At least on weekends . . .

More than 2,500 Americans were asked how early is TOO early to enjoy your first adult beverage on non-workdays.  And only 23% said we should wait until 5:00 P.M. or later.

16% said it’s okay to start drinking at NOON.  And 10% said that TEN IN THE MORNING or earlier is fine.  Another 8% said 11:00 A.M. . . . and 26% said sometime between one and four o’clock.

Men are almost twice as likely to think morning drinking is okay on the weekend.  And a lot of people in their twenties also agreed with that.

Overall, most people described themselves as “social,” “weekend,” or “special occasion” drinkers.  Over a third said they don’t drink at all.

3% said they enjoy a drink at every opportunity . . . and only 5% of us drink every day.