The Best Feel-Good Songs About the Pandemic, Ranked from Best to Worst


With the exception of the Foo Fighters cover, not a rock record on the list. I would have added “These Days,” by Highly Suspect, “A Little Bit Off,” by FFDP, and “World Keeps Spinning,” by Theory at the very least.

Someone ranked the best feel-good songs released about the coronavirus pandemic, and they gave the top spot to an instrumental by a Japanese pianist named Senri Oe.  (Pronounced Sen-ree Oy).


It’s called Togetherness, and their reasoning was it’s the only one that made them feel relaxed.  But a lot of the other songs on the list are by more recognizable names.  Here’s how they ranked all 13 songs, from best to worst . . .


1.  “Togetherness” by Senri Oe.


2.  “When Life Is Good Again” by Dolly Parton.


3.  “Coronavirus” by YouTube remixer, iMarkkeyz.  He mixed it with audio of Cardi B.  (Careful!  That one has profanity.)


4.  “I Believe That We Will Win” by Pitbull.


5.  “Lockdown Blues” by Danish band Iceage.


6.  “Put on Your Mask” by Gloria Estefan.  It’s a parody of “Get on Your Feet” she did back in April.


7.  “Ice Cold” by Lil Tjay.


8.  “My House” by Alicia Keys . . . a parody of the Flo Rida song.  She did it for the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” back in April.


9.  “Do What You Can” by Bon Jovi.


10.  “Level of Concern” by Twenty One Pilots.


11.  “Six Feet Apart” by Luke Combs.


12.  A cover of the Foo Fighters song “Times Like These” that Chris Martin and a bunch of British artists did for BBC Radio in April.


13.  “Better Days” by OneRepublic.


(The full write-up on has links to all 13 songs.)