KFC Is Getting Rid of Its Potato Wedges and People Aren’t Thrilled


KFC is making a change. I am not sure why places get rid of their signature foods, but it happens.

Well, KFC has started getting rid of its potato wedges and replacing them with normal fries.  They’ve been rolling out their “Secret Recipe Fries” to some stores already . . . and soon enough, they’ll be in every store.

And people AREN’T happy.  The social media response to the end of wedges has been mostly negative.

(Business Insider)




McDonald has there own fries . Checkers has there own fries ,Burger King has there own fries Now idk who the hell told @kfc to switch to fries instead of wedges but they need to take that off the menu smh wedges was legendary for kfc opening my bag and seeing this hurt my 💔

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