Metallica unveil limited edition ‘Blackened’ whiskey and vinyl box set


You may or may not know that Metallica has their own brand of whiskey.

The guys have unveiled a limited edition box set of their ‘Blackened’ whiskey, which comes complete with a pair of vinyl picture discs containing the playlist used during the spirit ageing process.

The whiskey was originally released in 2018, with the spirit aged in barrels that were exposed to Metallica’s music – reportedly affecting the ageing process of it.

For the limited edition ‘Batch 100’ blend a brand new playlist was used, which now features on the picture discs. The box set also features a special Blackened Zine and a selection of other items, such as guitar picks and stickers.


Meanwhile, Metallica have been keeping fans entertained during lockdown by sharing classic shows as part of their #MetallicaMondays series. We will post the link to the latest one on the socials @939xindy on Monday.