Will You Eat at a Buffet Restaurant Once This Is All Over?

Mexican tacos with meat, beans and salsa. Top view


Are you a buffet person? A lot of people are. They are big attractions in Vegas and on cruise ships.

The pandemic is making billions of people rethink the germs they encounter every day.  And one of the places where we all just kinda pretended germs didn’t exist before was . . . at a BUFFET.

So a new survey asked people how likely they are to eat at a buffet once restrictions are lifted.  It didn’t say “when there’s a vaccine” . . . it just asked about the period after restrictions are lifted.

27% of people say they probably WILL eat at a buffet . . . compared to 65% who say no way.  8% aren’t sure.

And this isn’t shocking, but there’s a big split down political lines.  45% of Republicans say they’ll probably eat at a buffet versus 19% of Democrats and 25% of Independents.