Here’s How Many People Have Gotten in Trouble at Work or Turned Down Sex Because of Fantasy Sports


I like Fantasy Sports, but not more than sex or money!

Fantasy football season is over, unless you’re doing fantasy XFL, in which case, wow.  But fantasy basketball is going and fantasy baseball is starting, so there are plenty of people out there still getting their fix.

A new survey tried to pin down JUST how far people have gone for the sake of their fantasy teams.  And here are a few results . . .

1.  12% of people who were caught playing fantasy sports at work were suspended, demoted, or had their pay docked.

2.  20% of people have turned down SEX because they needed to focus on their fantasy team.  That includes 17% of men and 27% of women.

3.  73% of people who play fantasy sports but their significant other doesn’t, say their relationship gets worse during the season.

4.  And finally, 9% have skipped a wedding over fantasy sports . . . and 8% have forgotten to pick up their child.

So what’s the huge payoff for all those sacrifices?  Well, the average fantasy football season win was worth $500 and the average fantasy basketball season win was $300.