A Teenager Who Stole and Crashed a Cop Car Is Now Suing the Cop for Leaving the Keys in the Car

Police sirens in operation. 


There are ridiculous lawsuits and then there is something like this.

Back in December of 2017, a 16-year-old girl named Samaria Gray was walking down the street in Farmington, New Mexico drunk.  A cop found her, drove her home, and told her to sit in his car while he went in to talk to her mom.

But Samaria got out of the backseat, hopped into the front, and SPED OFF in the cop car.  She hit about 80 miles-an-hour before she crashed into a ravine.  And she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition with a broken leg and other injuries.

WELL . . . Samaria just filed a lawsuit against the COP.

She says it’s HIS fault that everything happened.  The suit says he should’ve restrained her, locked the front door to the car, or taken the keys out of the ignition.

Her lawyer says, quote, “She was pretty severely intoxicated and we know that severely intoxicated people . . . make really bad decisions, right?  The officer knows that too.  So it was glaring oversight on his part.”

The lawsuit is seeking at least $300,000 in damages.

I wouldn’t pay this entitled little b*tch $3 let alone anything more.