The Hot New Trend for Women Is . . . Going Braless at Work?

Topless beauty woman body covering her breast


I think it is great that we are finally entering modern times. It started with tattoos and now this!

The dress codes at workplaces have definitely gotten looser over the past few decades.  And I, for one, am THRILLED to report it’s come to THIS.

Apparently, the hot new trend for women is going BRALESS at work.

One career coach in New York City says, quote, “Millennial women are much more self-confident than women used to be . . . just like men aren’t wearing ties as part of their uniform, some women are forgoing bras.”

Plus, in the Me Too era, quote, “Most people would no longer, even if they noticed, feel that they had any [right] to say something about it.”

After all, as long as it’s not affecting the work, who cares . . . right?

A 27-year-old woman in New Orleans who wears a 40-triple-D bra says she’s stopped wearing them to her healthcare job because they were so uncomfortable.

Quote, “No clinic I’ve ever worked at or patient I’ve ever seen has said, ‘I’m so sick, and have all these questions, but can you cover up your [boobs] first?'”