A Lighthouse Keeper Won The Lottery But Couldn’t Collect for Two Months


There aren’t many people in the world that are more ISOLATED than lighthouse keepers.  Which is a job that still exists, I just found out.

There’s a guy named Ivan Dubinsky, and he’s a lighthouse keeper in British Columbia, Canada.

Back in November, he entered a lottery drawing online . . . apparently you can do that up there . . . and he WON the jackpot of $1 million Canadian.  That’s about $765,000 in U.S. dollars.

But Ivan had to wait more than TWO MONTHS to collect his winnings, because he can’t leave the lighthouse unattended, and he couldn’t find someone to come out to cover for him.

He FINALLY found someone on Monday, so he went to the lottery office to get his check.

So what’s he going to do with the money?  He says his plan is to spend less time in lighthouses.