Am I A Jerk For Not Sharing My (Birthday) Bagels With The Whole Office?

donuts with powdered sugar as a background


So this morning, I got this from a friend of mine who does morning radio…..

Today is my birthday. (I swear I’m not trying to solicit for any HBD wishes/comments) So this morning during the show, my wife Facetimed me and did a little scavenger hunt with me, which led me to the station fridge and a box of 36 authentic NYC bagels. It is VERY important to note that I grew up in NY and I have said since we moved here (which is over 3 years) that I have not had a decent bagel since. So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw THREE DOZEN OF THEM.

I shared some with my cohost and news woman, but when the day was over, I brought the remainder (30) back home with me. My plan was to freeze the rest and eat them sparingly, like your grandmother when you give her a box of chocolates, so they last as long as possible. I walk in the door with the box and my wife is SHOCKED I had any left. She asked if I shared any with the office and I said ‘No”. She said she sent them to the office with the idea that I would share them with everyone. I said “Why would I think they were intended to share”? She replied saying, “Because I sent you 36 of them”. Nowhere in the card that came with them did it say they were for sharing and during our Facetime, she never mentioned sharing either.

So, if someone sends you a large amount of one of your favorite food stuff, is it automatically assumed you will share with everyone? And, am I jerk for not sharing with everyone in the office?