If You’re A Verizon Customer You Might Be Getting Disney Plus For Free!

Disney Plus

Well this is very exciting news, at least for me. According to Game Spot, select Verizon customers will be getting Disney Plus, the new streaming service with Marvel movies and new shows, for free!

If you’re paying way too much for an unlimited data plan like I am, then you’ll get the service starting on November 12 which is the day it launches. If you sign up for a new 5G or Verizon Fios internet plan, you’ll also be eligible for the promotion. Unfortunately if you’re an existing internet customer, this deal does not apply.

And if you already pre-paid for Disney Plus, you’re subscription will be paused until the 12 month promotion is over.

If you don’t want to have access to Disney Plus after the free year, you’ll need to cancel your subscription.

Otherwise you’ll continue to be charged through your Verizon account. Which is probably the whole point of the promotion. But whatever, I was going to sign up for it anyway.