AT&T To Pay Out $60 Million To Customers For Slowing Down Service


If you became an AT&T customer before 2011, a check might be coming your way.

The FTC finally settled a lawsuit against the telecommunications company for its throttling practices. They ruled that the company’s practice of slowing down unlimited plans was misleading. According to CBS News,┬áthe FTC Commissioner said,

“AT&T baited subscribers with promises of unlimited data, trapped them in multi-year contracts with punishing termination fees and then scammed them by choking off their access unless they moved to a more expensive plan.”

AT&T must now refund current and former customers, and they aren’t allowed to make any claims about unlimited data without that small print.

You don’t have to do anything to get your refund. If you were a customer but you’re not anymore, you should get a check for the correct amount…whatever that is. If you’re still a customer, you’ll get a refund on an upcoming bill.