Krispy Kreme Ordered The Shutdown Of Donut Smuggling Operation

donuts with powdered sugar as a background
(Photo: depositphotos)

A brilliant college student found a way around not having any Krispy Kreme locations in Minnesota, but it won’t last. Jayson Gonzalez, also know as “The Donut Guy,”¬†used to drive 270 miles every single weekend to and from Iowa to load up his car with boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts and resell them in Minneapolis and St. Paul. He would buy up to 100 boxes of a dozen donuts and resell them for $17-20 a box. Customers would buy multiple boxes at a time.

According to Business Insider, a news story about this guy tipped off the donut giant and they weren’t having it. Krispy Kreme contacted Gonzalez with an order to stop his resale biz explaining that it was a liability issue for their own operations. Damn.