This Model Deemed Most Beautiful Woman In The World According To Mathematical Equation

Woman with a mirror


Apparently there is a mathematical equation called the Golden Ratio. Basically it takes face shape, lips and chin into consideration and shoots out a percentage according to The Sun. The closer to 100, the more beautiful the person.


A group of surgeons combed over a bunch of famous women with the goal of figuring out who the most beautiful were. With a score of just over 94%, Bella Hadid topped the list and has been crowned the Most Beautiful Woman in the World.



I mean, she’s attractive, but she’s not my cup of tea. To each their own.


Beyonce came in second and Amber Heard was third. Rounding out the top 10 were:

4: Ariana Grande

5: Taylor Swift

6: Kate Moss

7: Scarlett Johansson

8: Natalie Portman

9: Katy Perry

10: Cara Delevingne