A Woman Was Arrested for Wearing a Bikini That Was Too Small [PHOTOS]


Not that I am complaining, but there isn’t too much left to the imagination with this one….

According to the Daily Mirror, a UK tabloid.There’s a 26-year-old woman named Lin Tzu Ting from Taiwan vacationing in the Philippines last week with her boyfriend.

Well . . . she went out onto the beach in a TINY bikini.  From the pictures, you can see that it was basically just a few pieces of string with the smallest possible amounts of material covering the most sensitive zones.

The hotel staff told her not to wear it on Wednesday, but she did anyway.  And when she wore it again on Thursday, they called the cops.

And she was arrested for lewdness, which carries a fine of around $48.

A state-run news agency says Lin and her boyfriend said the bikini was, quote, “a form of art” . . . and, quote, “It’s quite normal for us in our country.”

You can take a look at the pictures here….



(Here are the NOT-SAFE-FOR-WORK photos.)