Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts Are Popping Up In Stores

sugar cookies
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As if we couldn’t be more confused with the current 90-degree weather in October, a wintery favorite is already coming out of hibernation. Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts have recently been sighted this year — those are the ones with a sugar-cookie-dough flavored filling. YUM!

It looks like these bad boys will come in mix-n-match packs with animal heads on some tarts and animal bodies wearing hipstery ugly sweaters on others.

Delish reports that the boxes will have deer, sloths, foxes, alpacas, and flamingos. Because nothing says Christmastime like flamingos and sloths!

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Limited Edition Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts are popping up now for their seasonal return! 🧤❄️🦌 This year, Christmas items are sharing shelf space with Halloween items and we’re here for it. ☃️🎃 Picked these up at Target. • Last year’s version had printed snow flakes, but now we’ve got printed animals wearing “ugly” Christmas sweaters. There’s a printed deer, alpaca, sloth, fox and flamingo with respective sweaters to mix, match and be merry! Now, the taste. These are straightforward and a solid choice if you’re into sugar cookies, which we personally don’t eat often at all, so I won’t go in depth with describing these. We do however, rave over Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch, but that’s a tangent for another time. How do you prefer your Pop-Tarts? We’re Team Toaster.

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At this point, these dessert-for-breakfast treats have only been found at Target stores… But I’m keeping my eye on #sugarcookiepoptarts to see what other shelves they might end up on!