Jack Daniel’s Introduces Tennessee Apple Whiskey

whiskey on the rocks
ID 26715348 © Tuja66 | Dreamstime.com

It’s the first day of October and that means Jack Daniel’s has released its newest family member: Tennessee Apple. Forbes says the new whiskey is “a blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with finely crafted apple liqueur.”

The whiskey giant is hoping this new product will attract different consumers. According to Forbes, this isn’t the first time the brand offered an apple option, but the last time they did it was around the time of Prohibition — check out the background info.

The suggested ways to best enjoy Tennessee Apple is by itself on the rocks, or in a signature cocktail, Jack Apple Fizz: Tennessee Apple + soda water + squeeze of lemon.

Hey, don’t drink this if you’re not 21+. And don’t share it with people that are not 21+.