Four Broad Ripple Restaurants Have Closed In September

Graham Hughes; Dreamstime

It’s been a pretty bummer month for Broad Ripple…and for me since that’s where I live. So far four restaurants have shuttered their locations in September.

Louie’s Wine Dive had their last day in business on September 21 according to the Indy Star. Their location on Mass Ave remains open, as do their out of state restaurants.

HoiTea ToiTea, which was next to Louie’s, closed midway through the month. Both locations said while the Red Line construction didn’t help, it wasn’t the sole factor for the closures. Their location in the Keystone Fashion Mall will also remain open.

Joining Louie’s Wine Dice and HoiTea ToiTea is Taste of Havana. They will be moving from their current Broad Ripple location to Michigan St. Additionally, Taste Café & Marketplace closed at the beginning of the month.