The Latest Treat At Pizza Hut Is Cheez-Its?

pizza hut
(Cumulus Indianapolis)

Pizza Hut is no stranger to a collaboration… Think about their partnerships with Hershey’s and Cinnabon for some of their delicious desserts. Today they introduced their latest mashup… Cheez-It Stuffed Pizza! If you ask me, it kinda looks more like a pizza-stuffed Cheez-It. But no one ever asks me.

It looks like you get an order of 4 palm-sized pieces. The crust is basically a dough infused with the cheesy flavor of the crackers. I imagine it adds to crispness. They come in 2 varieties: cheese and pepperoni. Here’s the catch you probably saw coming: LIMITED TIME ONLY.

You can get this delicacy for $6.49 while it lasts, according to Thrillist.