Vinyl On Pace To Outsell CDs This Year

Record player
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Man, did you ever think this would happen again? According to the Recording Industry Association of America vinyl records are on track to outsell CDs.

Metal Injection reports that so far in 2019, 8.6 million vinyl records have been sold. That amounts to $224.1 million in sales. 18.6 million CDs have sold so far for a total of $247.9 million.

If sales continue at this rate, vinyl will move past compact discs in revenue.

I haven’t purchased a CD in…years? But I did decide to start collecting records so I’m part of this new trend. I’m not a hipster, but it WAS an expensive hobby to pick up. Stick to collecting pogs.

Of course, digital downloads and streaming are where the real growth and money are. Streaming has already brought in over $4 billion this year. What a time to be alive.