[OPINION] I Tried The New Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

popeyes store
(Cumulus Indianapolis)

I heard the hype. “Popeyes chicken sandwiches are even better than Chic Fil A!” I mean Chic Fil A noticed… (see below) But if you put anything up against that juicy, delicious, perfectly-breaded chicken sandwich that Chic Fil A has, you better bring.it.

With all the internet hype, people stormed Popeyes locations with hopes of putting the new menu item to the test. I don’t think they were fully prepared for the sudden popularity because many waited almost an hour or more for these sandwiches!

And some stores just straight up ran out of them.

I must have gotten lucky though because I hit up Popeyes, only waited about 25 minutes during a lunch rush, and got me a classic chicken sandwich!

popeyes chicken sandwich
(Cumulus Indianapolis)

It had the same basic components that Chic Fil A’s does: glossy bun, breaded chicken breast, and a couple pickles.

Of course, there were some differences. The Popeyes chicken sandwich featured a a double spread of mayo on top and bottom buns and the chicken itself had a more irregular shape with a chunkier breading. The shape of the chicken didn’t lend itself to a very neat eating experience because I had mayo everywhere. Cue the napkins. I will say this — the Popeyes chicken sandwich seemed WAY bigger than Chic Fil A’s, so if you’re looking for something more filling at the same price, go to Popeyes. Taste-wise, it was good, but I don’t know about AMAZING — I do wish the chicken itself were juicier like Chic Fil A.

Whenever I go to Chic Fil A, the wait time is almost nothing. It’s so fast and food is always nice and HOT. When it came to Popeyes, the wait was prettttty long and I don’t always have that kind of time.

Full disclosure, neither of these chains are “go-to places” for me because I am a struggling millennial and $4 is still a lot for one sandwich if you ask me…