Larry Bird Isn’t Happy With This Indianapolis Mural Of Him [PHOTO]

Larry Bird
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Artist Jules Muck has been doing her part to make Indianapolis a little more colorful. She’s been painting murals on the sides of businesses including one of Dolly Parton and another of Larry Bird.

While we haven’t heard what Dolly thinks about her likeness, we do know that Larry ain’t too thrilled about his. Jules took some liberties with the rendering, adding tattoos to Larry’s face and arms.

He’s not asking for the entire mural to be painted over though—Larry Bird just wants the tattoos painted over. Larry’s lawyer told USA Today the following:

“Larry’s position is he has elevated himself from where he began to where he is now through a lot of hard work. He has developed a brand that is marketable and he needs to protect that brand. The mural, as originally painted, was a departure from that brand.”

I kind of like the mural as is, but I appreciate the argument put forward by Larry. Apparently they’ve come to a compromise. All tattoos will be removed minus the Indiana one on the forearm.

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