Toxic Algae That Killed Three Dogs In North Carolina Found In Multiple Indiana Lakes

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There’s a good chance you’ve heard the heartbreaking story about a North Carolina family who lost all three of their dogs after a trip to a pond. The dogs came in contact with a toxic blue-green algae and passed away just hours later according to the Indy Star.

Apparently health officials have been testing Indiana waters this summer. That testing shows that the following bodies of water have the same type of algae:

  • Brookville Lake – Quakertown State Recreational Area
  • Brookville Lake – Mounds SRA
  • Cecil M Harden Lake – Raccoon Lake SRA
  • Hardy Lake – Hardy Lake SRA
  • Kunkel Lake – Ouabache SP
  • Monroe Lake – Fairfax SRA
  • Monroe Lake – Paynetown SRA
  • Whitewater Lake – Whitewater Memorial SP
  • Worster Lake – Potato Creek State Park

Right now the lakes are at an advisory level. That means you can boat and swim in the water, but avoid the algae. Don’t swallow water and bathe after being in it. And definitely don’t let your pets swim or drink the water, as they are more susceptible to algae poisoning.