Alligator Living In Chicago Lagoon Finally Captured [PHOTO]

Alligator Chance the Snapper
ID 28668252 © Anne M. Fearon-wood |

Chance the Snapper has been caught. The alligator was sighted about a week ago in Chicago’s Humboldt Park lagoon according to the Chicago Tribune.

The alligator was caught over night by St. Augustine, Florida, alligator expert Frank Robb according to CNN. Chance is estimated to be between four and five feet long.

Authorities believe someone brought him to the lagoon after owning him as a pet, even though it’s illegal in Illinois.

When I lived in Sacramento, someone started a rumor about an alligator living in a pond. It turned out not to be true…but this story IS true.

Chance the Snapper is expected to be taken to a zoo to live out his life.