6 Funkafied Facts About Da Brat

Photo Courtesy of Youtube
Photo Courtesy of Youtube

Da Brat is just one of the awesome 6 acts gracing the stage August 15th at 93.9 The Beats Summer Jam. While were sure you know enough to be psyched about her performance, here’s some things you might have forgotten! Read the list and get your tickets by clicking the link here!

1. Da Brat Was The First Solo Female Rapper To have a Platinum Selling Album

If it’s been awhile since you’ve popped in your copy of 1994’s Funkafied, do yourself a favor and work that into your playlist. “Funkafied” and “Give It 2 You” are of course on point, but lets not forget “Fa All Y’all” because that was my real jam back in the day! Brat ended up copping a Soul Train Award for best Rap album and 3 Billboard awards for “Top Hot Rap Artist”, “Top Rap Single”, and “Top Female Rap Artist”.

2. Her half sister is LisaRaye McCoy!

It’s weird how celebrities tend to run in the family right? Brat’s half sister is LisaRaye McCoy of VH1’s Single Ladies, and many other shows throughout the years. She’s not the only actress in the family, however, as Brat has been known to get in front of the camera herself!

3. She was on the first episode of Nickelodeons All That

People remember Brat for her rap game, but the girl had some acting chops as well! The first season of All That is hands down better than any Saturday Night Live in the past five years by the way, and if you’re a 90’s kid you already know that. If you aren’t, check this sketch (starts at 3:14) below!

4. She was also on Sabrina The Teenage Witch…

Playing Baby K2K, this episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch featured Da Brat as a diva rap star with a violent history and a bad attitude. The performance was perhaps meant as a light hearted jab at some of Brat’s past legal troubles, and it’s pretty awesome to see how she took it in stride. I know I wouldn’t be able to! (Brat can be found starting at 5:57)

 5. And of Course…Kazaam.

I’m sorry, I know you’ve tried for years and successfully forgotten this movie, but it’s come back to haunt you. Brat plays herself in a rap performance with none other than Kazaam himself Shaquille O’ Neal. Remember Shaq’s rap career? No? Good it’s something you shouldn’t try to remember.

6. She’s Got New Stuff On The Way!!!!

Yup, you read it right. An interview went up about a month ago where Brat herself said she’s in the studio and that she recently just laid some tracks down with none other than rap queen Missy Elliott. She’s also got a couple TV shows in the works, and thinks the future of females in hip hop is Nicki Minaj! That’s good to hear because last we heard Brat talking about Nicki, it was on Twitter talking about how she’d hit her upside the head with a bottle for disrespecting some of her friends…the full interview (which contains a bit of strong language) can be found below.