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    Born in Cincinnati. Tempered in Michigan. Loving the Indianapolis life. Music Lover. Dog dad. Jaded, but recovering. I love sports. I am a Bengals and Reds fan, but it is dark times for the fandom. Cheering for the Colts and looking forward to cheering the Pacers. Superhero movies are cool. Comedies are needed. I am usually down for a beer. I carry around ridiculous amounts of useless knowledge. Foo Fighters are like pizza, good anytime.  Spend some time with me on the air and keep listening to 93.9X!

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    Are You Brushing, Flossing, and Using Mouthwash in the Right Order?

    Even if you brush, floss, and use mouthwash, you still might be cleaning your teeth wrong. Because the order you do them in matters. The best way to do it is to rinse with mouthwash first . . . then floss . . . then brush. If you rinse with mouthwash at the end, it washes away the fluoride from your toothpaste.MORE

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    The 10 Most Common Summer Events People Have Canceled

    The average person says they’ve already had to cancel FOUR different things they were planning to do this summer, according to a new survey. And the most common things we’re canceling are: Trips to the beach . . . vacations . . . and parties.MORE