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    Born in Cincinnati. Tempered in Michigan. Loving the Indianapolis life. Music Lover. Dog dad. Jaded, but recovering. I love sports. I am a Bengals and Reds fan, but it is dark times for the fandom. Cheering for the Colts and looking forward to cheering the Pacers. Superhero movies are cool. Comedies are needed. I am usually down for a beer. I carry around ridiculous amounts of useless knowledge. Foo Fighters are like pizza, good anytime.  Spend some time with me on the air and keep listening to 93.9X!

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    Five Hacks to Make Groceries Stay Fresh Longer

    Here are a few hacks to make your food last longer: Put a paper towel in with greens to absorb moisture . . . store fresh herbs in water like flowers . . . and make sure you dry produce really well after you wash it. Otherwise, it rots faster.


    Pepperoni pizza

    Does This Hack Work? Try Ordering Your Pizza Uncut

    Apparently ordering your pizza uncut can make the crust even tastier. Once they cut it, the oil and sauce start to run down into the crust and make it soggy. So it’s better if you cut it yourself right before you eat it.MORE

    Working Out

    Five Tips to Start Working Out at Home During the Lockdown

    Here are a few tips from personal trainers for people who want to start working out at home during the lockdown. Clear some space to get in the right mindset, and so you won’t trip on anything. Open a window to get some fresh air. And wear good shoes. Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you should work out in slippers.MORE


    A Guy Dressed Up as a Bush to Sneak Out During the Quarantine

    I guess the line between creativity and stupidity is blurry. A video has gone viral of a guy in England who disguised himself as a bush so he could go outside during the quarantine.  It’s three different clips in one video and they all show him sneaking around his driveway and totally hamming it up.…MORE