A Guy Has to Go to the ER After Having Sex with His Wife Through a Door

I am all for spicing things up, but I gotta believe they saw this one going a lot differently.


There’s a guy named Erik, and he and his wife Katie were roleplaying handyman and lonely housewife when they came up with the idea to have the “handyman” remove a doorknob . . . then they’d have sex through the hole.


So Erik took some “enhancement pills” and they actually DID start having sex through the door.


But . . . his junk got STUCK.  And he was in so much pain they had to call 911.


The paramedics couldn’t get him free, so they had to saw off part of the door, and Erik went to the ER with his junk stuck in a little square of wood.


Fortunately, the doctors managed to get him free without any permanent damage down below.


(Daily Star