**WATCH***Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Made a “Bill & Ted” Graduation Video for San Dimas High School

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Some of the graduating class might not know who Bill and Ted are, but this is cool!

The third “Bill & Ted” movie is supposed to hit theaters this August.  We’ll see if that still happens.  Early last month, screenwriter Ed Solomon said the first trailer was a few weeks away, and we’re still waiting.

But co-stars KEANU REEVES and ALEX WINTER DO have something new out this week.  They’re both in the new virtual graduation video for San Dimas High School near L.A. . . . the same school they went to in the movies.


There’s a 45-second clip buried 18 minutes in, where they congratulate all the seniors and mix in some “Bill & Ted” references.


First they drop a line about the “Wyld Stallyns”, their band in the movies.  Then they talk about how “San Dimas High School football rules” . . . and tell them all to “be excellent to each other.”


You can check it out on YouTube.  Search for “SDHS Graduation of the Class of 2020,” and skip to 18-and-a-half minutes in.

(Even in San Dimas, I wonder how many 18-year-olds got those references.  The first movie came out in 1989, over a decade before they were even born.)