Do Beer Drinkers Actually Like IPAs?

Assorted Beers in a Flight Ready for Tasting


I like a good IPA, but sometimes a Bud Lt or Corona will do the job.

There are thousands of breweries in the U.S. and around the world, and pretty much all of them make an IPA . . . it’s basically the table stakes for running a craft brewery.

But do beer drinkers actually LIKE them?

A new survey asked craft beer drinkers if they like “hoppy” beers . . . and only 45% said yes.  24% said no, and the rest didn’t have a strong opinion one way or another.

The three styles of craft beer that they liked the most are:  Clean and crisp . . . fruity . . . and dark.

And the three least popular styles are:  Bitter . . . sour or tart . . . and cloudy.