A Spin-Off Of “American Horror Story” Is On The Way

remote pointed at tv

Not only was “American Horror Story” given the go-ahead for three more seasons according to Variety, but it’s also spawning a spin-off show: “American Horror Stories.”

Try not to confuse the two titles! Based on his recent Instagram post, creator Ryan Murphy says “American Horror Stories” (plural stores!) will feature stand-alone episodes about scary tales rather than an entire series that unfolds over a number of episodes. So if you’re not into hours of sitting on your couch scared $***less, maybe a shorter story is for you!

I spy Jessica Lange in the top left of the Insta post above, so I can only hope she’ll keep up some regular appearances in either show!

No word yet on when this new series will grace our screens, but if you’ve got Netflix you can watch a healthy 8 seasons of the main show right now.