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    Born in Cincinnati. Tempered in Michigan. Loving the Indianapolis life. Music Lover. Dog dad. Jaded, but recovering. I love sports. I am a Bengals and Reds fan, but it is dark times for the fandom. Cheering for the Colts and looking forward to cheering the Pacers. Superhero movies are cool. Comedies are needed. I am usually down for a beer. I carry around ridiculous amounts of useless knowledge. Foo Fighters are like pizza, good anytime.  Spend some time with me on the air and keep listening to 93.9X!

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    Two Women in an Open Relationship with a Man Get into a Fistfight

    A married couple in Oklahoma had an open relationship with another woman . . . but it fell apart when the guy went to live with the other woman and they argued over chores. He left, that other woman rammed into him on his motorcycle, his wife and her got into a fistfight, and both women were arrested.MORE

    Oscar Done Joker Style Via SNL

    courtesy of Saturday Night Live (NBC) You know you are legit when you get parodied by SNL. Joker is cleaning up and the box office. SNL enlisted the help of David Harbour from Stanger Things and created this gem. Safe to say, it’s not the Oscar you remember from Sesame Street!!!MORE